What changes

8 min readNov 18, 2020

Written on 30.04.2009

Extinguished down there, as far as he said a thought to arrive, I suggest it had to be the wrong place, it’s already finished. The place doesn’t have to be a point to finish the places to be wrong, assess what the reality was, already look at the problems we have around us, they are always there no, and it’s always a catastrophe from two millennia ago, who loses is constantly, who of course already done, people are living in poor misery.

What will they then have to say to each other, how it continues even more decomposed or Alice is not there, you do not exist. Convenient products and fearful business of our low or other high countries, among other things what you want to continue, to do first. Where he stopped, I wouldn’t know but I’m sure he’ll have got lost down there in the background, near the bar or your favourite club, the law is where you go as always, even many people who are not employed in their jobs, too many free. The modern news, mechanics built on yesterday in writing to the judiciary, on posters in the municipality, the news are not really or completely so, it is a mistake to lose what already exists to see something else. You need an instruction on what you will see later, it is the school that still do not give, then another world is all well covered with a truck tarpaulin, like those who hit us with sticks, even the graphics are forbidden in this place that is not you but, a concentration camp. Uninterruptedly complaining until the point where it ends, while you know or you don’t know, what or why we go, we advance as you see there are others there, I’m tired it’s not even time to write to you: here those abuse is so they say to exist or to stay.

A product is never perfect, a white line for her as a rule is good, only if widespread is common, as if you turn off. A communication is necessary for what was the real act or form, a thought that does not express itself, you said the same with your participation. Look at the life I spend here, you there, television, business, so millions of people all for us already, the explosive quantity not the quality. What it means to have or live, engineer rings the bell all in their places, we leave. Note: the bell is fine the rings no, just today. When you don’t speak, how much is it because already too much, too many people speak then, who for you, for me or for others, what and for what. The eyes are watching us, objects are thrown or that culture that doesn’t take hold. You hear the sound of an airplane or have already seen too many…