The real weight of things

8 min readNov 18, 2020

Symmetrical letter, written on 04.03.2011

I wanted to meet you again without whims, knowing that I had already bought it a few days before my birthday, without fear of the next one so I already had it in front of my eyes, not working at the top of the graphics but, by that they say working whole. You think it’s ruined, instead it moved with the thought.

Society or victory, conversations thrown there as a souvenir, the questionnaire to get out well from the day that arrives, complicated because it is the good, while you think it will take years, months to be and the next smile is your good, it will be yours I do not remember if that here, are the doubts of your good even towards your evil.

Always the same boredom, they didn’t agree. I repeat, it’s not our problem, we are all soulless objects once a crack has been created in the human body where we live, people are those objective realities that you don’t hear about or, to whom that really refers add the houses, buildings, greenery and the rest. It is by producing our idea of the world in a software, which we should be the individual users, authors and programmers. The rest sometimes you know then the fog is not a lack of desire but, all other things also hunger, when will ever be the day I think, indeed I’m sure you know, I see you walking … good afternoon simple human product, we are always here. Thieves of theirs, here he is passing by, goodbye.

The memory of the past enlightens our mind to better exist the presence of a plague that wants to surround us why not say? It’s fascism here not to look at it maybe it’s too much, at the same time I think who knows what will be this air in Calabria where we will end up with these dark evenings and dark days, maybe we will win the lottery or we have debts, the answer to the first one that happens on television. I think of you every day, you have something to say. We solve every human being on this planet, they know today what is an evil and therefore a good not very clear, after all they remind us of something we know and speak when they can. Now to the hours and, the minutes of the hour, it is a bit difficult to tell you the things that are now, today, like the clock or the relationship with nature outside the arm, in short it would be useful to do. Being alive you are born I guarantee you, as far as you can breathe this is not a Christian environment, they were heretics or blasphemous them, if you want after TV or mouse? Speak also on the right side when you post words with me…