The dynamics of the pancreas

9 min readNov 18, 2020

Written on 28.02.2009

Prison has already been left where the heart wasn’t there, is it your spot that leads you to betray yourself or what? It’s the classic that leads us. It was who, his last robbery or usurpation, we have already been numbered with a bar code, articles or codes in words that last at least a whole day. Only with a plan you will never be able to get out of this habitat, Italy pulsates badly now we are all correct anarchists, whoever moves is already dead or stabbed.

When they go away our memories already end up there in their super powers, where their joint-stock company, the spa, begins. The horrendous is clear in too many things, too many confusions, the humans, the integers want to know when they were inaugurated? Never, it’s yet to begin. After the meal you start to feel better, bitter or sour. You’re a quality bitter, branded, you’re a past tense, you know that everyone here knows each other very well.

Confusion is always part of that thing that makes us study, we jump from the dead to the past future. In the afternoon silence is everything, nobody has understood the evil, don’t leave him in the deception of being you, it’s a strong trap to your experience, where you don’t say you are.

Line up, alienate yourself, your law is formality. Quintals of suppressed ideas, those monsters are obscene creatures, whoever acts in one direction cannot do something parallel to the opposite, whoever will not be defeated, evil is defeated the very moment you write it. Who knows it didn’t happen, maybe we are the evidence, the humans of the indicated production, why don’t you talk to your neighbour today, never been to Canada, too many taboos see only narrow words, then an evil sun rises, you don’t understand what good is. You think it’s there instead is where no one says it is, how all this will be erased, the power of those who exist or who have done it is no longer spoken of. Years could still pass and everyone will still live for evil, then excuse me for not talking, you can’t get up from this infinite vortex, certainly it’s the day yesterday betrayed you, as you see there is only the road, where and when. It is certainly a story of others but where you are, you must not believe in death in life, it is a story of children who become never grown up and have to be treated in a prison, it is a tragedy of other loved ones that happens today at home or, another drama where no one will stay then, otherwise we will be in one place, so you wanted the youth to call…