Dust of a destroyed world

6 min readNov 18, 2020

Written on 15.04.2006

Confess: the culprit has spoken! in short, you don’t want to spend your life so badly, as without getting paid, stay in a dream, what is the natural path of a life and the future. The past must be sealed as a success to see the present and the future, traitors are viruses of your own person, you cannot get out of a network of humans, said until it ends not to leave me.

We are in a hospital this is not said, they take you for paranoid, whoever rebels is eliminated, how can you not explode maybe an evil there bought for horror, they steal our identity to play our business, put out that flame please. Exaggeration is the first form of good then, coming out of that picture the set of two or more spirals, two or more common where evil resides, the set forms a circle of souls, second birth as it is called, forming a pattern of dull ideas and evil thoughts to destroy, I thought at the bottom help as the noisy. Who is regular is accepted! Then they speak in silence, like fires on fire. The desert is so convenient for tax evaders or fraudsters that there is confusion in the world just drive uh, look, already look, night. Can you tell the top from the bottom? Of course, we all have higher education now. What don’t you study I don’t understand? A good is not accessible or I can’t think of that synonym of acceptance in our society. In the world the true is not accepted, only the false is so valuable that it seems true. Eaten by birds of prey, all day long until the end, and then start a repeated cycle that passes through the everyday, just where the evil is for the better, in the heart of the institution or business in general.

The most shocking fact is how it goes unnoticed in the mind, it is not normal what is a personal experience, in comparison to all the others, living in all things is not a very expensive paradise. Everything can be traced back to a commonplace, as if it existed in one place, there are places that do not exist are the future, how to be the same.

Mercy is so great that money seems useless, people answer themselves if you call, you do not know the evils are a work more than a horrible situation here in Italy. Who attacks us is always an evil, what happens afterwards is everything, not the epilogue or the time that passes before, during and after the action. The excavation is a very strong light that takes different forms from those expressed, being at a slower speed, there is nothing more flowing than time, the world is complete, there is…