A man without a timetable

8 min readNov 18, 2020

Perpetually May, written on 10.05.2011

It was all very simple at one time: we remembered without the insults we have received lately, the sea was clear. A man without a timetable, a bar, a street, a square or outside to understand who we were on that day, it was enough to have a display screen in front of our eyes, to perceive with software what we wanted to ensure, among other things a state of submission, if in Rome they study what everyone is for everyone, as no one can speak because of last week, chasing time if you want evil, how come it is a bit ‘down. You want coffee, go to the kitchen. Human Italian because stopping has run out of energy or, it costs too much the price of life even today, too true but maybe it’s already too far away you can’t find a thread, some wine is no longer there, details not to be overlooked as other things hurt, hit in the morning now everyone has left a trial, a job is evil after all hurts the father, mother, a relative, a friend then tomorrow what you do, what it means.

Better at the bar a chocolate in winter and you who live in the mountains, you talk about nothing else but yourself. The immediate present presents itself with the death of the next one, the next one stumbles, it is said, but an act in law must be in accordance with the constitution, while I dream of the past day of Friday or Saturday as they were. Now everyone at home, building their own rifle, the exact evil is wrong, it corresponds to its qualities, then, in a photo where we laughed about the evening, our righteousness is wrong. Every now and then the police pass by, we continue with a cup of hot milk, a social problem flies over us, an artificially created inefficiency, we should cut ourselves on the edge of everything but, it is the very constitution that liberates us, do you know why? It is we who liberate ourselves, I am or you are the liberated. Those who don’t understand today, haven’t understood yet after years what a back door is or it’s the back door, like someone who introduced himself but you want it to matter, you don’t know… lightning and lightning growing up maybe they will understand it’s not just a game that chip but, a machine gun attached to a relative hidden from the police.

All misery and rubble, and we are wrecked, why is the world different? Too bad for that dot that approaches from there at the bottom of our entire existence then, will do the work of practice as he said, you’ll see as soon as they move us from the glue attached to the position where we are, we were…